Hi, my name is Shane Richardson and this is my website. I have recently been adding various pages to assist anyone with common issues I have encountered whilst developing Magento based systems. I have also included a few other pointers, most notably a guide on how to change your URL bar back into a Google search bar if you have accidentally installed toolbars which override all of Firefox usual settings. If there is anything specifically you would like help with, just contact me and I will try my best to help in any way possible.

Just a bit of background information for you, I am Bristol born and am in a long term relationship. On August 17th 2013 @ 15:48 our first son Noah Scott Robert Richardson was born, which was most amazing moment of my life. Until finding out about the pregnancy in January 2013, I hadn’t had the best of years as I lost my Grandad to cancer, and subsequently my job within a couple of months. The job loss was unexpected, and we were looking to get our own place so the timing was all wrong.


Since then things have started looking up. I have started designing my NEW website (please bear with me as time is very hard to come by at the moment), and have got various other projects on the go whilst trying to work and decorate our new home. If you have any comment regarding anything to do with my site, or any site relating to me, please contact me as I am always willing to discuss ideas, issues or solutions to problems.


Shane Richardson