Website Design in Bristol, UK

Are you looking for a professionally designed website, with modern features and the added SEO bonus of a built in blog feature? I have developed a wide range of websites within various industries, from ecommerce stores, blogs, websites for small businesses and much more. If you’d like a quote, or to see some of my work, please contact me. Additionally, if you are stuck with you own design, and need a helping hand, please send me a message and I will try offer a solution to suit your needs.

Computer Stuck at Aptio Setup Utility

How to solve the problem of aptio setup utility? Here’s what I did that was succesful: 1/ Select the Boot menu in the Aptio setup utility, select ‘Launch CSM’ and change to enable 2/ Select the Security menu n the Aptio setup utility, select ‘secure Boot Control’ and change to disable 3/ Select Save & Exit and press ‘yes’ 4/ Hold down the power button until the unit switches power off completely 5/ Switch back on and continually press the F9 button for about ten seconds; this should now allow the unit to boot up into the Windows Recovery menu… Read More »Computer Stuck at Aptio Setup Utility

Changing Placemark – Basic Google Maps Placemarks

I have been playing around with various map plugins for word press, and the ONLY one that worked immediately (without any issues) was the “Basic Google Maps Placemarks” plugin. The thing I loved about this plugin, is that you could categorise the Placemarks into various sections. That made my life very easy. In addition to this, you can also change what the Placemark displays like. For HL Training, we wanted to change the usual Placemark to display as a forklift. This is easily achieved, simply by going to the Placemark and scroll down the right hand menu. You will see… Read More »Changing Placemark – Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Changing your choice of template in Magento CMS

There are various ways to change your choice of templates in Magento. The most effective way, is to change it directly in the xml file. If you go to local.xml and search for the catalog_product_view section, you will see the template that is active. Below this shows that 2columns-left is active, however if you want to change this, just change it – for example to 2columns-right.phtml page/2columns-left.phtml