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Computer Stuck at Aptio Setup Utility

How to solve the problem of aptio setup utility? Here’s what I did that was succesful: 1/ Select the Boot menu in the Aptio setup utility, select ‘Launch CSM’ and change to enable 2/ Select the Security menu n the Aptio setup utility, select ‘secure Boot Control’ and change to disable 3/ Select Save & Exit and press ‘yes’ 4/ Hold down the power button until the unit switches power off completely 5/ Switch back on and continually press the F9 button for about ten seconds; this should now allow the unit to boot up into the Windows Recovery menu… Read More »Computer Stuck at Aptio Setup Utility

How to fix User Profiles in Vista and Windows 7

NOTE : This does not ALWAYS work. My boss just arrived in the office saying that her ‘User Profile’ is corrupt. I am usually ‘hot’ on fixing these problems easily so thought I would share the best solution – from my experience. <code>The user profile service service failed the login. User profile cannot be loaded. </code> Check the following registry entries (you will need another User Profile to be able to log in with Admin priviledges) with REGEDIT under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList There was 1 line for each profile. Crucially if a profile is bad there are 3 things worth checking… Read More »How to fix User Profiles in Vista and Windows 7

Putty Command Line

Booting, stopping or resetting apache / mysql apache (server) start service httpd start stop service httpd stop restart service httpd restart mysql start service mysqld start stop service mysqld stop restart service mysqld restart grep command – typing this command: grep -r "Proceed to Checkout" . -r means recursive, and the full stop means current directory (cd into the app folder first)

Firefox: Searching With Google using URL Bar

Lot of people I know keep having issues when installing toolbars (they never seem to check what they are installing) and kick up a fuss because there default search using the URL changes to AVG Secure or some other crazy toolbar. I’m sure there are hundreds that cause issue. This short page will help you to get rid of the horrible search providers and stick with Google. Start Mozilla Firefox, and type about:config into the url. This will bring up the following page. If you have any warranty that may be void – please DO NOT proceed, and I am… Read More »Firefox: Searching With Google using URL Bar