How to get YOUR domain from Yell / HIBU

I have found that a lot of people complain about how difficult it is to get their domain from HIBU (formerly Yell) and have put together a little post about how to do this. It is a lot more simple than you might imagine, so follow these steps and your domain will be all yours.  Beware that sometimes, Yell/HIBU charge you for this, however when I have phoned up they have not mentioned any charges for this service. If they want to charge you for this, there is nothing you can do, however I have never been told myself about… Read More »How to get YOUR domain from Yell / HIBU

Adding Quote Button to Grid/List – Cart2Quote – Magento

I am currently redeveloping the Hallmark Lubricants website, and am implementing a Quotation system using Magento and the extension Cart2Quote. This enables the “add to quote” button on product and category pages but not on the Grid/List section of any page, for example if you put the Top Sellers on the homepage through … ../app/design/frontend/base/default/template/qquoteadv/catalog/product/list.phtml The article I have found which explains the best way to do this can be found by following the link, below;–DEV-Adding-Cart2Quote-to-a-custom-theme

How to fix User Profiles in Vista and Windows 7

NOTE : This does not ALWAYS work. My boss just arrived in the office saying that her ‘User Profile’ is corrupt. I am usually ‘hot’ on fixing these problems easily so thought I would share the best solution – from my experience. <code>The user profile service service failed the login. User profile cannot be loaded. </code> Check the following registry entries (you will need another User Profile to be able to log in with Admin priviledges) with REGEDIT under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList There was 1 line for each profile. Crucially if a profile is bad there are 3 things worth checking… Read More »How to fix User Profiles in Vista and Windows 7