Putty Command Line

Booting, stopping or resetting apache / mysql apache (server) start service httpd start stop service httpd stop restart service httpd restart mysql start service mysqld start stop service mysqld stop restart service mysqld restart grep command – typing this command: grep -r "Proceed to Checkout" . -r means recursive, and the full stop means current directory (cd into the app folder first)

Confused about Magento file locations??

I have found a neat trick to help you out; Use the Template path hint which can be located here… Go to Admin->System->configuration->Developer Click Debug – and there is an option for ” Template Path Hints ” and ” Add Block Names to Hints ” – turn both of these on and you will get a page showing where EVERY single thing is located. You can even use to tab which says ” Developer Client Restrictions” which you can enter IP addresses into the ” Allowed IPs (comma separated) ” section so that only certain IP addresses can see it.… Read More »Confused about Magento file locations??

Magento: How to Move Categories to Left Column

I for one dislike the way Magento have their “modern” template with the hideous navigation at the top, so I will show you how to move it to the left hand side. First of all, you will need to create the file which outputs all of the active categories, which can be done by creating a file called left-nav.phtml in the directory; app/design/frontend/default/YOURTHEME/template/catalog/navigation/ Inside left-nav.phtml add the following code; <div class="category-nav"> <div class="block-content"> <p class="block-subtitle"><?php echo $this->__('Categories') ?></p> <ul id="nav_category" class="nav_category"> <?php foreach ($this->getStoreCategories(true) as $_category): ?> <?php echo $this->drawItem($_category) ?> <?php endforeach ?> </ul> </div> </div> After you have… Read More »Magento: How to Move Categories to Left Column

Magento Installation Issues

On the odd occasion, Magento decides to mess around with your intelligence slightly. It usually installs all of the relevant files, with correct file permissions etc. However, my most recent install I had to check the file permissions for index.php as they were set to 644 – ensure that this is not the case and all directories are set as 755, all files are 644 but index.php is also 755. In addition, when installing magento, a few times I have had a new domains which I have recently changed the Nameservers on, so I have utilised using the hosts file… Read More »Magento Installation Issues