Unable to Access Windows Update or Homegroup Setting

Hey Guys, My Dad rang with up with a problem the other day, he had Virgin Media’s new “Super Hub” installed and wanted to set up the Home group through Windows 7. His issue was that for some reason, one of his laptops wouldn’t allow him to access the home group information so he was unable to enter the password to join the home group. After trying a large amount of on-line solutions, I noticed that he couldn’t access Windows Update either which was odd, so I tried to fix this issue hoping it would fix the home group issue… Read More »Unable to Access Windows Update or Homegroup Setting

How to install PDO on cpanel-WHM servers with centOS

PDO is a component that is used by CMS scripts like joomla, drupal etc. Most of the web servers would not have it enabled by default. For some reason, cPanel guys have decided to switch it off by default. Hence, if you are a server administrator and get a complaint from a client stating they are getting PDO related errors, then here are the steps that you can follow to get it installed. This tutorial assumes that you have a server with cPanel/WHM installed on it. How to install PDO Login to WHM Find easyapache (apache update) from the left… Read More »How to install PDO on cpanel-WHM servers with centOS

Admin Bar CSS in WordPress

My site consists of a fixed navigation at the top of the page and I took a while trying to understand how to edit the Admin Bar for a logged in user so it either floated below my current navigation or was removed altogether. Firstly, I used an app called “Admin Bar Disabler” to disable the admin bar through my main site and only display in the admin panel. After doing this, I wanted to slightly restyle the admin bar so I started looking through my site through FTP to try and find the correct file. When I use Firebug… Read More »Admin Bar CSS in WordPress