Changing Placemark – Basic Google Maps Placemarks

I have been playing around with various map plugins for word press, and the ONLY one that worked immediately (without any issues) was the “Basic Google Maps Placemarks” plugin. The thing I loved about this plugin, is that you could categorise the Placemarks into various sections. That made my life very easy. In addition to this, you can also change what the Placemark displays like. For HL Training, we wanted to change the usual Placemark to display as a forklift. This is easily achieved, simply by going to the Placemark and scroll down the right hand menu. You will see… Read More »Changing Placemark – Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Admin Bar CSS in WordPress

My site consists of a fixed navigation at the top of the page and I took a while trying to understand how to edit the Admin Bar for a logged in user so it either floated below my current navigation or was removed altogether. Firstly, I used an app called “Admin Bar Disabler” to disable the admin bar through my main site and only display in the admin panel. After doing this, I wanted to slightly restyle the admin bar so I started looking through my site through FTP to try and find the correct file. When I use Firebug… Read More »Admin Bar CSS in WordPress