Christmas this year

Christmas is always a time for family to get together and share special moments. Up until this year, my family has been the people I have spent the last 24 years celebrating with. This year, however, things have changed – and not only for the good. August was an amazing time, waiting for my little boy to be born was the most exciting time of my life. This was closely followed by a very difficult period, where Noah (my little boy) has troubles after birth and had to be kept in an incubator for 5 days and complete a course… Read More »Christmas this year

Avril Ruth Richardson (Nan)

I will always remember the 4th of November, It wasn’t only the day you left us all to join passed love ones, but the day which you were able to feel relief, and be rid of the pains that made your last while with us so unbearable. You got your wish, and shortly after your 81st birthday the pain and suffering was over. I am truly sorry that you didn’t get to see Noah one last time, but you just couldn’t bear the pain any longer. I will always remember our bedtime stories as children that you read, your gorgeous… Read More »Avril Ruth Richardson (Nan)