How to get YOUR domain from Yell / HIBU

I have found that a lot of people complain about how difficult it is to get their domain from HIBU (formerly Yell) and have put together a little post about how to do this.


It is a lot more simple than you might imagine, so follow these steps and your domain will be all yours. 

Beware that sometimes, Yell/HIBU charge you for this, however when I have phoned up they have not mentioned any charges for this service. If they want to charge you for this, there is nothing you can do, however I have never been told myself about any charges yet. Just we aware charges may apply.

To get started, you need to have your account number available, sometime they also ask for the registered email address and they have to send a form to the email address for completion by the domain owner. 

You will need to call their technical team on 0800 7834160 and state that you want to transfer your domain, they will then send the transfer form to the registered email address.

Please Note: They asked me if I could accept PDF files as this was the format they send the forms in, so ensure you have a PDF reader on your computer.

To complete the form you need to know a few more details including;

  • IPS Address
  • IPS Email Address

The form is self explanitory, so complete it – scan it back in and email it back to the person who sent you the form.

If you need assistance in doing this, I am willing to assist you so please contact me via email –
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