Magento: My 5 ways to improving your E-Commerce SEO

Step One: Don’t use rel=”canonical” because it’s easier

A canonical page is a page that is the preferred version on a site, for example, preferred to (without the www.). I see a lot of people using rel=”canonical” throughout their site simply because it is an easy fix. My honest opinion is that this more or less masks the problem instead of fixing it. The best thing to do is to remove the page if possible, and if not – then use rel=”canonical” to select your preferred version of the site. .


Step Two: Lower your keyword density

Keywords are fundamental to the search process which is why keyword density is so important, they are the building blocks of language and of search. The best way to know if your keyword density is too high, is simply by reading the text. The page content should read as naturally as possible, which means using keywords sparingly. Getting your keyword density lower on all pages will be beneficial.

Step Three: Catch errors & fix them immediately

Having lots of 404s can cost your rankings throughout Google. Fix Them!

The best way to go about doing this, is by using Magentos URL Re-Direct tool. This allows you to re-direct any page within the Magento store to another page. If you example you discontinue a product, redirect it to either its replacement product, a similar product, or the category for the product if another product is not available.

Step Four: Build quality product descriptions

Product descriptions need to be written by somebody who understands the product. If you do not understand the product, the probability is, neither will the customer reading the description. Usually companies have product managers or people specifically employed to research into every product and write product descriptions. This is probably the best way to do this.

Step Five: Test obvious bits and bobs

Test your titles & meta descriptions, optimise your site for accessibility and usability, and once again major changes are made make sure you re-submit your site maps. You can also have a blog for the site, keeping users up to date of changes or additions to your product range. Maybe even business acquisitions.

Sooo.. do you have any additional comments? Maybe you have a 6th, 7th or even 8th suggestion.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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