Admin Bar CSS in WordPress

My site consists of a fixed navigation at the top of the page and I took a while trying to understand how to edit the Admin Bar for a logged in user so it either floated below my current navigation or was removed altogether.


Firstly, I used an app called “Admin Bar Disabler” to disable the admin bar through my main site and only display in the admin panel. After doing this, I wanted to slightly restyle the admin bar so I started looking through my site through FTP to try and find the correct file.

When I use Firebug it says the the file is called “load-styles.php:26” where the “:26” bit is stating the line number, however, that is not the case. This code can actually be found in /wp-includes/css and the file is the obvious choice, admin-bar.css Hope this makes everyone”s life easier.

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